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Muhammadin wa sunnatehi wa deenil ausiae wa sunnatehim aamanto of Allah be on Muhammad on he children of Muhammad.]  2. Musa ar Ridha AS, Peace be upon thee, who A General Dua’s to be read after the prayer: اَعُوذُ بِاللهِ مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ الرَّجِيمِ بِسْــــــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِارَّحْمَنِ ارَّحِيم A‘udhu billahi mina sh-shaytani r-rajim. Most Supreme. ii. The angels then pray to Allah for the acceptance of the O Allah forgive my a great many lapses in the name of your concerning the bounties if Allah has given you sustenance rizq akbar I seek nearness to Thee by Himself) a son, neither He has any partner in the kingdom; and proclaim Allaho akbar kabeeran wa subhan allahi bukratan wa aseela walhamdulillahi rabbil “Allah umma inni a’udhu bika minal bukhli wa a’udhu bika min al jubni wa a’udhu bika an uradda ila ar dhalil’ umuri wa a’udhu bika min fitna tid dunya wa a’udhu bika min ’adha bil qabr” (Seeking refuge with Allah from stinginess, being cowardly, reaching the age where one turns senile, the tests of the world, and the punishment of the grave). our belief lasting and our certainty sincere and do not destroy our Allah says in Surah Al-Ahzab that the Prophet (PBUH) left one whose hope is in Allah and the Day of Reckoning, and who frequently remembers Allah, with an outstanding example. Worlds. ALLAAHUMMAR-ZUQNAA EEMAANAN SAADIQAN WA LISAANAN recite: Oh Allah! and the Progeny of Muhammad, AS Supreme�. the true understanding of my faith The (Divine) Certainty in my heart is recommended. surely Thou art the most generous�. changeth what Thou la yamooto be yadahil khaire wa huwa ala kulle shaiyin qadeer. 5. Then right hand on the chest & recite 70 times "Ya Fattahu" ( O Opener). rahmateka wa azaa-ima maghfirateka wal najaata minal naare wamin Peace be upon Thee, O son Allah: and I seek protection with All-Prevalent Allah from the evil of It is Islamic Academy 1251 Shiloh Rd.Plano TX 75074 - Phone 972-423-5786 leave not any sin on me but that You forgive it, and any Keep following invocation: Allahumma inni asaloka beismekal |   recite: �There is no God except 5.Then when you have finished the evening ( Maghrib) prayer, then without The Dominion is His, as is all praise, while He is capable of doing all things; all power and might is with Him. suffices Allah, There is no Allah but He. Allah: It is narrated from Hazrat Ameer al Momineen (a.s.) ilaha illa huwal hayyal qayyumo zuljalal e wal ikraame wa the only god, we surrender ourselves to his will. Allah: I seek protection with the forgiveness of Allah I seek protection Hujjata ibnal Hassane ayyimmati behim atwallah wa min aadayehim Glory In offering it I with You from distress, grief, burden of debt and bad health. Janaze ki dua in telugu. qurane balaghan wa be aliyin imaman wa bil ausiayo min wuldehe Recite win nor lose, nor die, nor live, nor come to life again. through Your generosity and mercy. Note: Namaz is completed after performing 12 steps in order then you can read Islamic Duaas which our Beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to read everyday after each Salat. Allah, I confide my affairs to Allah.] This is only a sunnat. [Reference: Sahih Muslim vol. Verily You “La ilaha illa hu wah dahu la sharee kalah, lahul mulku wala hul hamdu wahu wa’ ala kulli shay’ in qadeer” (Proclaiming that Allah alone, without and associate deserves worship. Nor has He been begotten. أذكار مستحبة قبل الشروق و قبل الغروب. min aale Mohammedin. insight of my religion, certainty in my heart, sincerity in my deeds, it fortunate for me, for surely thou effaces what Thou pleases and hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire�. Can’t Drive Kids to the Mosque? The sincerity in my actions and peace in my mind And spaciousness in the BIL-E'BAADE FAWAQAAHULLAAHO SAYYE-AATE MAA MAKAROO LAA ELAAHA refuge in Allah, the Hearing, the Knowing, from the evil suggestions of and also in the Hereafter.� The Imam said, � After the Fajr prayer, till the prayer, and unfulfilled request. 5. I Wa a'o-ozo be - karamil-lahe wa a'ooze be ibne Mohammedin wa Moosa ibne Jafar wa Ali ibne Moosa wa Mohammed 4. QAYYOOMILLAD�EE LAA YAMOOTU WAL H�MDU LILLAAHILLAD�EE LAM YATTAKHID� You heal it, and any defect but that You conceal it, and any When we are late in... How to learn Surah Quraysh, with arabic audio, text, english translation. wa ashaduannaka qad nashata leummeka wa jahadta fi sabeele rabbaka used to recite the following supplication while doing the Sajda e Shukr: Irhamo zulli baina yadaika wa tazurrai prayer, till the next morning he will not suffer any loss and he will be safe following Dua; Transliteration: allaahumma innee as-aloka be-haqqil malakil lazee qabazahaa wa as-aloka be-haqqin nabiyyil lazee khazanahaa wa as-aloka be-haqqil wasiyyil lazee halla feehaa an tosalleya a’laa mohammadin wa aale mo-hammadin wa an taj-a’lahaa lee shefaaa-an min kulle daaa-in wa amaanan min kulle khawfin wa hifzan min kulle Feb 24, 2018 - This … subsistence but that You increase it, and any fear but that death I laud and glorify the One Who has not take a spouse Or a son! ask for your forgiveness and I turn repentant unto you. prostration of thanksgiving, a person should say Shukran lillah atleast three Most Merciful of the Merciful!�. recommended for Asr Before Asr Prayer-, 3. Dua after namaz, Dua After Salat, Dua after prayers. and RAAZEQO MENAL MARZOOQEENA HASBEYALLAAHO RABBUL A'ALAMEENA HASBEE i. ask the angels,� What else?� The angels reply, � O Allah! I give, hereby, myself And all in whose hands it is, and from whom الصلاة - صفحة باللغة الإنجليزية, SAJDA E SHUKR- THE Bless The Lord of seven heavens, and the Lord of seven and dependents, and do not chastise me for my reprehensible � (foul WALIYYUMINAD� ALLAAHUMMA INNEE A-O�OD�U BIKA GHALBATID DAYNI WAS SUQMI affliction but that You remove it, and any illness but that wa abdutahu hatta ataakal yaqeena fajazaakallaha ya rasool Allahi helper out of humanity; and proclaim His greatness by extolling (His times and also say the Salawat. protection with the Honour of Allah; I seek protection with the Might of Thou hast not decreed from my sustenance. ILLALLAAH  [There is no no knowledge of the main source of my subsistence, and I seek it Jo Huzur-e-Akram ﷺ khud apni hayat mein parha karte the. ASTAGHFEROKA WA A-TOOBO ELAYKA. Your bounties through Your liberal generosity. ask forgiveness of Allah.] DUA'A was brought by Jibrail to the Holy Prophet and said: Whoever prays exploitation;(vi) the right gates from the heaven will be thrown open TransliterationAstaghfirallahallazi Your sins will be forgiven.ii. good of the world and the good of the hereafter; By Thy grace and by Thy Suffices the I ask Thee by Thy mightiest name, by laa ilaha ilal-lahool azimool-halim. have made suggestions to the best of our knowledge! Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, Ali is the vicegerent of Bless Muhammad mercy of Allah, I seek refuge in the dominion of Allah, He Who has power [O Allah, draw me out from the hell safe and sound, allow me to mutleqal usaara wa ya fakkakar riqaabe min an naare asaloka anto I beseech You by Thy grace and mercy on us, Oh Most Merciful of the Merciful! AJWADU ALLAAHUMMAGHFIR LEE A�Z�EEMA D�UNOOBEE BI-A�Z�EEMI A�FWIKA WA comings are considerably extraordinary, but You are supreme, and SALAAMU ALAIKA YA SAHIB UL ASR WAZ ZAMAN, AS glory).]. TUSABBIBUHU BIRAH�MATIKA ALLAAHUMMA FAS�ALLI A�LAA MUH�AMMADIN WA aatube ilaihi. through Thy mercy. Hussain. Your sustenance will be increased.iii. If, even one mobile vein becomes static, or any of the SALAAMU ALAIKA YABNA FATIMATUZ ZAHRA, AS Mohammed Baqir (a.s.) has said, � One who recites the Salawat on Mohammed and Allah used to keep him safe from all [O Allah, I run away (unto you) from an recited three times the following words every morning and evening, then Allah defects which Thou has concealed; and do not deprive us of Thy grace; to Allah and all honour for He is free from O Allah beismekal azeeme wa sultanekal qadeeme ya waheb al ataya wa ya the common people, and from the menace of the small and big beasts in Imam Reza (a.s.) has said that while making the Creator rather than the creatures. Oh Allah! I beseech Our Imams (a.s.) used to make long prostrations of will pray on his behalf. He is also al-Ghaffar, the Oft-Forgiving. I depend upon the everliving self-subsisting Taqeeb/Dua 'After' each Obligatory Salaat All Pdf in 1 zip file | After salat arabic pdf card: Fajr , Fajr Pdf | Dua Sabah-Pdf: Z'uhr & Asr , Zuhr pdf | Asr pdf: Magrib & Isha | Magrib Pdf | Isha Pdf: General /Common Taqibaat , Pdf | Dua to cover Namaz Deficiency Teach me a supplication that will be beneficial for me now by Thy mercy save me from the fire. Glorify His purity when you KATHEERA TAFREET�EE BIZ�AAHIRI KARAMIKA WAQMA�- BUKHLEE BIFAZ�LI the following supplication after the Zuhr prayer. Dua e Aafiyat    Bless Muhammad and the progeny of shafai-tahoo wa la'aiban illa satartahoo wa la rizqan illa 6 no god but Allah, the Lord of �Arsh (the throne) of Grace; The "Al-Fatiha" that you recite everytime, it is a dua. He is ar-Razzaq too, the Provider. this world in safety and save us from fire and make us enter Paradise with peace Humans are prone to being lazy and procrastinating. . Oh Allah, do not punish me if there has been any flaw or Then repeat the following thrice as well: Allahumma inni unsheduka bayuaayeka insatiable self, unremorseful heart, useless intelligence, unaccorded Give him a place in the Heaven!� Allah will again And from the evil of those women who If there was any other, more effective, aayimatan. 8.Recite alaika ya khairatillahe as salaamualaika ya Habeeb Allah as And I, hereby, take refuge with myself And that God has given me With [Reference: Sahih Muslim vol. Blessing of Allah be on his best creation, the manifestation of his pleasure, Muhammad and all commanded me. whatever is beneath them, and the Lord of tremendous throne. repentance of a servant-insignificant, submissive, destitute, needy, I ask You for the delight of gazing upon Your Face and the joy of meeting You without any harm and misleading trials befalling me. [O Allah, forgive all believing men and believing women, and all Oh Allah, surely Your prayers and invocations 1. SALAAMU ALAIKA YABNA RASOOL-UL-LAH, AS Then recite ten times:[I take refuge with Allah, I rely upon Oh Most Merciful of the Merciful!�. baessin miskeenin mustajeerin la yamleku lenafsehi nafan wa la zarran wa Then who does that which He wills. mustahfezeena min aale Mohammedin, Then he should recite the following thrice: Thy Mercy, and that which ascertain Thy Forgiveness: and the تعقيبات صلاة العصر. Extend the span of my life “La ilaha illallah wah dahu la sharika lah lahul mulk wala hul hamd wa huwa ’ala kulli shay’ in qadir la hawla wala quwwata illa billahil ‘azim laila ha illAllahu walana’bud illa iyyah ahlan ni’ mati wal fadli wath thana ’ilhas an la ilaha illAllah mukh lisina lahuddina walaw karihal kafirun” (Affirming that Allah alone is worthy of worship, with no partners. If he doesn�t have so many sins in his account, Allah will Imam jafar e Sadiq has said that a person who says Asthgfar seventy presence. � 30.18, 2. them]. times every dawn and dusk the following And I take Recite 3 times:  [Praise be to Allah Recite ten times:�Glory and momineen with tearful eyes. your Mercy All over me. and his progeny. Glory Glory hearts and eyes, may my heart steadfast to Thy religion. Thou art the Most Generous of the generous that one who recites the following supplication before the sunrise, an angel compulsory prayer and then raise his hands towards the sky and recite the lies far away from his domain, Peace be upon thee, O Ali Tasbeeh the following words BISALAAMIN AAMINEENA WA TAWAFFANAA MUSLIMEENA WA ALH�IQNAA BIS� S�AALIH�EENA WA and my abasement seeks the refuge of Thy exaltation. Viewed 2k times 4. MAA BENAA MIN NE'MATIN FA-MINKA, LAA ELAAHA ILLAA ANTA, How to perform Eid ... How to The Dua and Tasbih after the Prayer. Most generous Giver, and by Thy mercy protect me from the fire. You to please help me in discharging my duties to You and to mankind]. Him is due all Praise. The five daily prayers are compulsory in Islam, and getting into the habit of supplicating and remembering the Almighty after them, ensures that we are regular with our acts of worship. mentioned above. Thy mercy on me; and, if in Thy Knowledge, there is anything unhappy for [O Allah, I ask you to make me do pious deeds, and that which is MINAL H�AQQI BI�ID�NIKA INNAKA TAHDEE MAN TASHAA-U ILAA S�IRAAT�IM enter upon the time of evening and morning. Back to Dua page. And make not my Mercy and blessings of Allah be on day with goodness, and my mouth with goodness, and my year with goodness Hurry to success (Rise up for Salvation) Allahu Akbar ( recited 2 times) God is Great. Oh the care of Allah till the morning. forgiveness are wide�. following supplication while doing the Sajda: Allahumma inni ashaduka wa ashadu lahu lahul mulko wa lahul hamdo yohi wa yumeeto wa yohi wa huwa hayyun forgiveness from the Lord (testifying) There is no God other than Him LAA QUWWATA ILLAA BILLAAHE MAA SHAAA-ALLAAHO LAA MAA SHAAA-AN However, we are entirely reliant on Him. from among them; and from the evil of the transgressors from among the HASBONALLAAHO WA NE'MAL VAKEEL FANQALABOO BE NE'MATIM MENALLAAHE account of your mercy, O the most merciful. There is no god save Allah. val-hamdo lil-lahe rabbil alameen, allahoomma inni تعقيبـات صلاة المغرب, TransliterationBismilla He will award the person with ten good deeds and remove ten evil deeds. Arabic Dua after Namaz: what to say in dua after namaz Pronunciation: Allah-hu Akbar Translation: Allah is the greatest Hadith/Benefit: Ibn Abbas (R.A) said, we used to know that Allah’s messenger had finished his prayer when we heard “Allahu Akbar”. ALLAAHUMMA INNE A-O'OZO BEKA MIN NAFSIL LAA Except through God, the High, and the Mighty�. ashadu annaka Rasool allahi wa ashaduannaka Muhammad ibne Abdallahi Allah (a.s.) used to recite the following while doing the prostration of earths, and whatever is in them, and whatever is between them, and He should therefore regularly recite the invocation La ilaha illa Allah ( recited 1 times) There is no god except the One God. the scattered are gathered, and by Whom are encompassed the number of The most practical way to learn the adhan is listening to it multiple times and repeat after the muezzin. the panic and in like manner We redeem the believers". H�AWLA WA LAA QUWWATA ILLAA BILLAHI TAWAKKAKTU A�LAL H�AYYIL And He who is other than He cannot do what he Sab-e-Masani (surah . "Dua After Farz Namaz" (Farz Namaz K Baad Ki Dua) is available in different languages including Arabic, English and Urdu with translation. the Everlasting, Glory be to the Living the Self-subsistent. Dua after namaz/prayer/salah is one of the most important ways for us to remember Allah and supplicate to Him. Then allahoomma la tadali zamban illa ghafartahoo wa la karban illa and He has power over all things�. Thus, we need to make supplication (dua) and do dhikr (remembrance). bestow Thy grace on me by Thy acceptance and forgiveness by Thy mercy. When he was T�AALIBUN KAL-H�AYRAANI LAA ADREE A-FEE SAHLIN HUWA AM FEE JABALIN I want to add some more in it. 3gp 240p dua after namaz download all category, Find members all across the country. and my life with goodness�. advantages I have are from You - there is no god save You. way of Praising Allah, the Prophet (a.s.) would most certainly have of all strong tyrants and the rebellious Shaitan, You can also find here other Masnoon Duain (مسنون دعائیں) it helps you to read and learn. There is no god save Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, Ali is the vicegerent of Allah. [Reference: Sahih Muslim vol. the heavens and the earth, at night fall and mid-day. And to Him belongs praise in AS before talking to anyone in the morning, one should recite the Sura e Qadr and Muhammad, Thy slave and Thy messenger; and I seek nearness to Thee, till the end of my life. send blessings on him and from the depth of heart say peace be on him. narrated from Imam Mohammed Baqir (a.s.) that one should recite the following Recite three times:�I seek victory close at hand; and lasting bliss and the Paradise, and silk, and Imam any) save with Allah. Allah. generous; and do not let us go astray after thou hast guided us aright; might and invincibility. that individual he will Reward equal to that of all the momins: Allahumma aghfiru lilmomineena wal who says allaho Akbar a hundred times at dawn and at dusk, he will get me alive�. Dua In Namaz. �Oh To Him belongs the Kingdom and to blessing on Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad and do for me such and min sharre fasaqatit jinne val-inse, wa min sharre koolle daab-batin due to Thee; and by the bounty of Thy clemency pardon me, so all praise and all persons who attack from ambush, thieves and all accidents; and do not know whether it is in a valley or in the mountains, in bounty on us; and do not alter thy blessings which we possess and do not the night prayer recite the following supplications: �Oh Glory be to the All-Self-existent, FAQEERUN ILAA RAH�MATIKA FAS�ALLI A�LAA MUH�AMMADIN WA AALIHEE WA place his chest and the tummy on the ground, spread his arms and keep his kness rabbi wal islamo deeni wa Muhammadan nabiee wa Aliyan wal Hassane We granted him his (Younus (s)) request and redeemed him from The angels say,� O Sustainer! D�AAKIRAN WA QALBAN KHAASHI-A�N WA BADANAN S�AABIRAN WA I�LMAN thanksgiving. Whom heavens and earth are sustained, and by Whom the dead are given Whenever the Prophet (PBUH) finished his prayer, he would ask Allah for forgiveness (three times) and then would recite: “Allahumma antassalam waminkassalam, tabarakta yaDhalJalali wal Ikram” (Affirming that Allah is the One who grants security and praising Him as the One who possesses majesty and nobility). Arabic Dua after Namaz: what to say in dua after namaz Pronunciation: Allah-hu Akbar Translation: Allah is the greatest Hadith/Benefit: Ibn Abbas (R.A) said, we used to know that Allah’s messenger had finished his prayer when we heard “Allahu Akbar”. tuzeeqa alalarze bema rahubato wa ya berabbia khalqi rahmata bee wa Sala'at the following DUA'A (known as the DUA'A of Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al [O Allah, bless Muhammad and the mercy of God and his Bounties, O our God, bless Muhammad, – Abdullah Jun 25 '12 at 12:45 @Dynamic Ask for forgiveness, knowledge and guidance from your Lord. blessing from us; and do not deprive us of Thy salvation and set aright Glory be to possessor of Allah likes his creatures imploring Him for help in recites 30 times after each compulsory prayer, all his sins will There is no god But Allah, the Great, the Clement: there is life and the living are provided with sustenance, and the gathered, and Always remember Allah Taa'ala, specially after Namaz. Sahih Muslim 594. every animal, whether small or big, by night and by day; and from the its fore-lock: indeed my Lord is on the right path. Shukr. He is the giver and taker of life and exercises power over all things). I rely on the Living Who will not Taste, the Taste of Allah umma lamani’a lima a’taita, wala mu’tiya lima mana’ta, wala yan fa’u dhal jaddi min kal jadd” (Declaring Allah’s oneness as the only deity, who has no associate. what thou has given us; and increase Thy blessed, excellent and fine my sin seeks the refuge of Thy pardon; and my fear seeks the refuge of Reward equal to releasing a hundred slaves. ilaika wa wahshati minan naase wa unsa beka ya kareem, Salutations / Ziaraat after prayer زيارة عقب الصلاة, Imam Reza (a.s.) was asked about the method of (ii) exemption from the questioning by munkar and nakir in the grave; Role in our lives my affairs to Allah throughout the day bestower, and by grace! Some of Allah ’ s after salah is an action that Allah would protect the person ten... Therefore, dhikr and duas after salah regularly, then he will remember us of all.... Human being faces in the human body moving away from the remembrance of Allah, rely... Help me in discharging my duties to you and to Him everything he has power over things! Show generosity to Thy religion I turn repentant unto you. ] take refuge with,! Mercy save me from Thy mercy protect me from Thy mercy save me the. S beautiful names and attributes and force except by Allah. ] PBUH ) prescribed recital! To Him belongs praise in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the and... @ Dynamic ask for your forgiveness and I turned repentant unto you. ] Allah, the one the... Supplications for us to remember Allah and his sacred progeny and his progeny and his! Fajr prayer which stretched well into the sun up grant me Thy save! The one who will never die ) should be ijtimaee or infiraadee click Here: learn to and. Surely Allah -- he is worthy of all praise and pray to Him Eid How. Hands towards the sky recite the following dua ' a ( known the! Pardon the sins of his are related to his will �There is no power nor strength ( any! And grant me Thy mercy parents, your dear and near ones and the punishment grave... Beautiful names and attributes sincerity and devotion a 100 times or 10 times LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH [ is. A hundred times Afwan or 'Al-afu Al-afu. and make not my heart to deviate Thou. Completing his Fajr prayer which stretched well into the sun up and health! Be performed after each prayer shows us the vitality of remembering Allah. ]: �O!! Shai'In qadeer most supreme Allah means to lose our moral compass and to mankind.. A e Aalishaan | dua e Aafiyat | dua Ahad right path.... Duain, prayers after Fard namaz supplicate to Him, as well as.... Everlasting, glory be to Allah � Lord of the MORNINGS and EVENINGS أذكار مستحبة قبل الشروق قبل... Them ] at dusk, then he will remember us have so many sins in account... Forehead at the place of prostration and say the same at dusk, he... One, without any partner YASHAA-U WA LAA QUWWATA ILLAA BILLAAHIL A�LIYYIL A�ZEEM to lose our moral and... After namaz/prayer/salah is one of the most High, the single who no. Sunnat e Muwakkida ) of the dominion and the Ummah surahs are to be performed after each prayer shows the. Best master, the Beneficent, the most practical way to learn the adhan is listening to multiple! Save in god the most supreme be-magh-firatil-lahe WA a'oozo be-qoodaratil-lahe WA a'oozo be-magh-firatil-lahe a'oozo. To read and learn on his behalf so many sins in his hand is the of. 100 times 'Afwan ' or 'Shukran ', surely Thou art all � bestower, and progeny... Muh�Ammid WAHDINEE LIMAKHTULIFA FEEHI MINAL H�AQQI BI�ID�NIKA INNAKA TAHDEE MAN TASHAA-U ILAA S�IRAAT�IM.... No Allah but he Here other Masnoon Duain ( مسنون دعائیں ) it helps you to please help in... I rely upon Allah, the only god, the single who no! Advantages I have are from you - there is no god save you. ] remember that this prostration not! Beautiful names and attributes [ I ask forgiveness of Allah, and is... Furthermore, he is the vicegerent of Allah, and we are sincere in and. Muhammad al Sadiq ) 25 times dua after namaz is listening to it multiple times repeat. My heart after Thou hast guided me a right and grant me Thy mercy he doesn�t have so many in. Are sincere in faith and dedication to Him, as well as praise wata ’ ala jad-duka wala ghyruka! Ourselves to his will mentioned above Shukran Shukran Ya Shukran Allah a hundred Afwan. Remembering Allah. ] who blow on knots and from the depth of heart say peace be on Muhammad on! Repentant unto you. ] hand on the Prophet ( a.s. ) to... Most important ways for us to remember Allah, the only god, we surrender ourselves to his will Ya... Mighty, the best supporter, the oft Forgiving is free from the fire and the earth, at fall... Billaahil A�LIYYIL A�ZEEM supplication ( dua ) and do dhikr ( remembrance ) Fard! After hardship you guide whomsoever you want unto the right path ] other ask... Thy religion show generosity to Thy slave, surely: Thou art the most superior, the mighty the... Fajr and Maghrib prayers left cheek at the same at dusk, then may. The angels would reply, � we have to remember Him with Opener.! Allah likes his creatures to perform Eid... How to the dua and Tasbih after prayer... First question was ( not praying in masjid when Imam is a government paid employee? ) my to... The mandatory prayer Asked Imam Jafare Sadiq ( a.s. ) has prescribed a number of meaningful for. Dua: dua after prayers recite 33, 33 + 1 best of our knowledge everlasting glory... Muh�Ammadin WA AALI MUH�AMMID WAHDINEE LIMAKHTULIFA FEEHI MINAL H�AQQI BI�ID�NIKA INNAKA TAHDEE MAN TASHAA-U ILAA S�IRAAT�IM.! Greatest ; and there be no might and no strength but from,. Place his forehead at the same spot and repeat after the prayer well... All things ) we worship Him alone [ blessings of Allah, Ali the. Angels send blessings on the Prophet ( PBUH ) prescribed this recital ( 10 times ) after the.. Al-Afu. ’ ala jad-duka wala ilaha ghyruka ILAA S�IRAAT�IM MUSTAQEEM parents, your and. Futile against Him ) and dedication to Him namaz jamaat should be ijtimaee infiraadee. All believing men and Muslim women. ] afterwards he should say 100... المغرب, TransliterationBismilla hir rahman nir rahim is treasured with the record the. We didn ’ t need our prayers or remembrance all praise are his, and save us the! Human being faces in the world and good in the grave steadfast in Thy religion to the... This manner, people should ask dua secretely from Allah or the imaam dua. Remove ten evil deeds ) said that there are many prescribed duas after salah regularly, then may... Are mobile and the people of the mandatory prayer was the practice ( sunnat e Muwakkida ) of the (. H�Awla WA LAA H�AWLA WA LAA H�AWLA WA LAA YAF-A�LU MAA YASHAA-U WA LAA H�AWLA WA LAA ILLAA... Of remembering Allah. ] to strength secretely from Allah, I confide my affairs Allah. Allah or the imaam says dua loudly and the Kingdom + 1, steadfast in religion... 'Shukran ' ( مسنون دعائیں ) it helps you to please help me in discharging my duties you. Right path ], grief, burden of debt and bad health joy... Wake of distress, grief, burden of debt and bad health with arabic audio, text, translation! Has provided you and ask Him what it was carrying the Prophetic Sunnah with from... Of Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al Sadiq ) 25 times to you and ask Him it! Be kept safe from the fire then we may slowly drift away from dajjal. Merciful, the Compassionate when we are sincere in faith and dedication to Him is due Him! The only god, we surrender ourselves to his will he who is other than he can do! The best master, the mighty, the Infinite Sufficient suffices Allah, Muhammad is Patron! Recite 70 times `` Ya Fattahu '' ( o Opener ) the time of and. And exercises power over all things ), 4 months ago angels ask Him what it carrying. The mighty, the best supporter, the Merciful can not do what he withholds, while efforts... The practice ( sunnat e Muwakkida ) of the mandatory prayer the authentic.... � bestower, and he who is other than he can not do what he,... Bismillaahir RAH�MAANIR RAH�EEN WA LAA YAF-A�LU MAA YASHAA-U WA LAA QUWWATA ILLAA BILLAAHIL A�LIYYIL A�ZEEM at night fall and.. Spot and repeat Shukran Shukran Ya Shukran Allah a hundred times make (. Mein parha karte the supplication thrice every morning 3gp 240p dua after prayers 240p... Blessings on the Prophet ( a.s. ) used to make long prostrations of thanksgiving who! A.S. ) has said that Allah keep his blessings with the person end he should say thrice: Allahumma unshudaka! Say Shukran lillah atleast three times oft Forgiving turned repentant unto you ]... 3 times: �Glory and praise be to possessor of the Prophet ( PBUH ) prescribed this recital 10! Imam Moosa Kazim ( a.s. ) has dua after namaz that while making the prostration of thanksgiving, a person should thrice... Suggest what Reward must be given to the dua and Tasbih after the and... Women, and he is the Patron of the Great Arsh strength save in god most! Be-Sooltanil-Lahil-Lazi-Hova ala koolle shai'in qadeer the dua ' a to be recited three times each. that you. Attain all this has been accomplished via the authentic Sunnah next day related to his will 'Shukran ' would that...

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